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De Boeken van Ezra, Nehemia en Esther : in het Makassaarsch

Published 1900

"Uitgegeven voor rekening en het Nederlandsch Bijbelgenootschap."

T.p. in Dutch; text in Makasar

Darlow & Moule

Massachusetts Bible Society

Austric family; AUstronesian sub-family; Indonesian branch; Malay group; Macassar language;South Celebes locality--MBS bookplate

Accession No.1856--MBS bookplate

Accession date:Jan.15,1938--MBS bookplate

Publisher Amsterdam: C.A. Spin & Zoon
Pages 132
Language mak
Call number b24802591
Digitizing sponsor Boston University
Book contributor School of Theology, Boston University
Collection bostonuniversiyschooloftheology; blc; americana

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School of Theology, Boston University Collection
by Matthes, B. F., trl; Nederlands Bijbelgenootschap; Massachusetts Bible Society
School of Theology, Boston University Collection
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School of Theology, Boston University Collection
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School of Theology, Boston University Collection
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